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Priority Charters and Rutgers University to Study Black Sea Bass

Published 05/23/2016

On May 20th 2016, the crew of Priority Charters teamed up with scientists from Rutgers University to kick off a 2 years study of Black Sea Bass. The project will collect much needed temporal and spatial data that will help to better characterize the range and migration habits of this important recreational species. Fishing with rod and reel, we will be able to access structure and hard bottom areas that the current Noaa Fisheries bottom trawl survey can't get to. Abundance data will be used to better inform the stock assessment and the scientists will be collecting biological samples for DNA testing and age at length modeling.

Measuring a BSB  Sexing a BSB

Recreational fisherman have grown increasingly frustrated with the restrictive management measures needed to constrain harvest even when the stock seems to be in excellent shape with fish abundance at all time highs. Uncertainty regarding the species life history and spacial characteristics have forced fisheries managers to adopt conservative management schemes that are limiting recreational fisherman from taking these tasty fish home. Using innovative and scientifically approved methodology, the anglers aboard the Priority Too work hand in hand with Rutgers University scientists, carefully gathering accurate data in a standardized way that will be consistent aboard all boats participating in the study from North Carolina to Rhode Island.

Lou's BSB

We will be conducting several trips throughout the next 2 seasons and we are looking for anglers who wish to participate. The trips are a lot of fun and educational as well. Come join the crew of the Priority Too and the team from Rutgers as we work to improve what we know about Black Sea Bass. To learn more call Capt. Rick at 401-741-5648 

May 2016 BSB Crew

The crew of the May 20th Black Sea Bass Research Cruise were from left to right: Rutgers scientist Jason Morson, Angler Shawn, Rutgers Crew Shawn, Anglers Lou, Chou, and Matt.